Medical Mission Team to Haiti

The medical mission team to Haiti has been an incredible blessing to all that have gone. Haiti is
a country trying to recover from one of the most devastating natural disasters on record. The country
has very little in the way of medical support. Taking medical supplies and providing basic medical
treatment helps protect the community from basic infections to providing daily vitamins.

The things we take for granted are virtually unavailable to most Haitians. Children and prison
inmates are the most susceptible to infections, rashes, worms, bacteria and STD’s. Women suffer
especially with STD’s, infections and female problems.

It is through this outreach that hundreds and thousands of lives are changed and encouraged. I
wish that there were a problem with their being too many people willing to travel and help on medical
missions to Haiti. God calls each of us to be servants and there can no greater love than serving in

-Allen Garrett