2022 Nuts Fundraiser

The holidays are approaching and it’s time for the annual Samaritan Hands Nuts Fundraiser! All proceeds will go toward funding the Hogar del Nino orphanage in Guatemala.

Orders should arrive before Thanksgiving. The order deadline is Sunday, November 5th. Information on pickup dates and times TBD.

To order:

NEW – Order Online HERE!

– Visit Judy Russell in the Great Hall between services on 10/29 and 11/5. 

– Call Judy Russell at (865) 984-9303. Please leave a message with your name, callback number and the number of bags of each type of nut you would like to purchase. Judy will follow up to gather additional information if needed.

– Email SamaritanHandsTN@gmail.com with your order. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, mailing address and order.
Payment can be made upon pickup/delivery and checks are HIGHLY preferred at this time. Checks can also be mailed to Samaritan Hands, PO Box 6016, Maryville, TN, 37802. Please put Nut Order in the memo and checks should be made to Samaritan Hands.

2022 Nut Prices:

* Large Mammoth Pecan Halves (16oz) — $13.00

* Pecan CHUNKS/broken pieces (16oz) — $12.50

* Small Pecan Pieces (16oz) — *Availability TBD

* Fancy Mixed Nuts (16oz) — $11.00 (This includes: Toasted & Salted Fancy Pecans, Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Hazel Nuts, and Large Almonds)

* Sliced Almonds (16oz) — $9.00

*Chocolate Covered Pecans– $11.00