The New Horizon School in Paraguay

New Horizon Students Welcome you!

orando cNew Horizon Methodist School serves students with limited resources. We seek scholarships for the students and families who pay a small portion so they have a vested interest in their children’s education. We currently have 715 students from 4 years old through the 12th grade.  The school’s vision is to form leaders through academic excellence in order to develop integrity, discipline, wisdom, honesty, respect, and love of God and neighbor.

 Currently, all our planned buildings have been constructed but there are various smaller projects and general maintenance that need to be attended to. However, building, maintenance, and construction are just a small part of our needs. We are looking for teams that are interested in joining our older students, school staff, and parents to visit local schools and poor settlements in our area and around Paraguay to do Evangelism projects. Also, we would like groups that can lead Bible studies, vacation bible school, leadership trainings and other seminars. Since the completion of our multipurpose building, we are also looking for teams that can help us conduct sports camps and tournaments, art programs, music and dance programs and plan theatre productions and concerts as community outreach programs for children, youth, and adults.


For more information, check with the School’s General Director: